Competency Questionnaire

Competency questionnaire is set of questions which are designed to analyze an individual’s competency in a particular field. This is usually done to assess the competency and productivity of employees in an organization. Based on this evaluation they may be given favorable job offers, promotions or may be even recommended for trainings. Today’s this article will discuss about the Competency Questionnaire and its content and features of Competency questionnaire.

Competency questionnaire includes interview type of questions that require candidate / Employee to provide real life / working examples as the basis of their answers. Candidates / Employees should not talk in broad terms, be too general or use their imagination when replying to the questions in the Competency Questionnaire. Instead, candidates should use specific situations from their life / working experience as examples when replying this type of behavioral questionnaire. Candidates / Employees required explaining why they made certain decisions, how they implemented those decisions and why certain outcomes took place.

As nature of the Job is totally vary from one to another, its compulsory requirement to used separate questionnaire to measure the Different Competencies. Mainly HR, IT, Computer, any any of other field have unique characters. Therefore, all the specialists are recommended to use separate competency questionnaires to measure the levels of Competency.

Competency Questionnaire design is one of of the hardest and yet one of the most important parts of the Competency measurement process. When you designing the competency questionnaire, following steps to be followed to ensure the effectiveness.

  1. Decide what competency information is required. The starting point is for the competency measurement to refer to the proposal and make a listing of all objectives and what information is required in order to measure the levels of competency.
  2. Make a Rough listing of the questions. A list is now made of all the questions that could go in to the Competency Questinnaire.The aim at this stage is to be as comprehensive as possible in the listing and not to worry about the phrasing of the competency related questions.
  3. Refine the competency questions phrasing .The Competency questions must now to be developed close to the point where they make sense and will generate the right answers. There are several tips which assist to write good Competency questions also to be taken in to due account and consideration.
  4. Develop the competency response format. Simply every question needs a response. This could be a pre coded list of answers or it could be open ended to collect various comments. Consideration of the responses is just as important as getting the competency questions right.
  5. Data Gathering, Data Analyzing and Measuring the Level of Competency
  6. Competency related Decision Making.