Competency checklist

Different competencies are required for different purposes these days. Competencies include knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform any specified task. Mere mentioning the required competencies is not enough. One must also mention the required level up to which those KSAs are required for the task. While interviewing a person or for other competency tests, one thing is often made and is proven very useful. That is competency checklist.

Competency checklist generally means a list that contains all the competencies required by the employer for the job. These competency checklists can be made for any selection and recruiting purpose. For example, these competencies can also be used for selection of any sports team or even selection of soldiers for general army or for a specific mission. Competencies are related to task so competency checklists are always used in relation to the task. They cannot be used for any other task. As mentioned earlier, competencies are used along with their required level so in good competency checklists, competencies are mentioned along with their required level. Most of the time, competencies are also divided into categories. Some competencies are termed as core competencies which mean that these competencies are essential for the job. These competencies are usually a few in numbers and are placed at the top of the competency checklist. A person must have these KSAs up to the required level to pass the test and get selected. Insufficiency in any of these is unacceptable. After this come secondary competencies. These are the competencies which are not that essential and can be developed in a person over the passage of time with attention and training. These competencies are very much necessary for good performance in the task. These competencies are tested against their required level after core competencies. On third level are the tertiary competencies. These competencies are mostly not very much related to the performance of the task. These are usually related to the compatibility of the person with organization’s general environment and policies. These competencies are generally included in competency checklist to compare any two persons that have almost the same level of the most required competencies. These competencies are also used to check the behavioral inclination of the person being tested. These competencies can also be developed in a person over the period with attention and training like secondary competencies. However, the development of these competencies is not as much technical as can be sometimes in secondary competencies. The development of these competencies usually requires counseling and mentoring.

Competency checklist is an effective tool in testing people’s competencies against required level. These competency checklist if further categorized to show the level of competencies of the individuals, can also be used to compare their KSAs against each other.