Competence Vs. Competency

Competence is an ability or capacity acquired through learning, exposures to the tasks and series of trainings.  This ability is engaged to suffice the performance of a particular job.  The commitment, satisfaction, and sincerity in giving all the best and big shots in the achievement and fulfillment of quality work.  The skill wherein the little potential of an individual is given a chance to grow, mature, and immense so that adequate and appropriate steps will be exerted so that performance would be in accordance with the set of rules.  Management of a company should look into the gaps of each member of the company in order to guide and give proper trainings to the concerned.  In short, competence is acquired by chance or by choice.  Dedications and willingness to gain it depends on the individual’s desire and priorities.  Meaning competence needs third party to invoke and push through the potentials of an individual. For example, the company is looking for an employee to go up the organizational hierarchy, and the competences needed were itemized. If an employee has no particular competence the company needs, he cannot fill up the post.  In that case, because of the push by outside force, he is willing or force to find ways in order to acquire the needed competence. 

Competency is an in-born skills or talents of a person. Competency is a skill or knowledge given by God.  It is within the inner self.   The ability to be neat, clean, organized, decisive, pro-active, etc. which all these form an attitude.  Also the ability to sing, dance, draw, communicate fluently with diplomatic approach….these are more than just acquired skills or talents.  Competency is smart ideas.  The common sense of a person has an automatic positive response to the unavoidable circumstances.  It can respond and solve problems immediately as the need arises.  This skill was already there when a person was born.  The thing is that some people ignore and misuse their God-given gifts that is why training is provided to redevelop, reborn and reenergize the sleeping skills.  Sometimes, people try to develop more what they have. See for example those dancers still went to dancing classes to know more skills in dancing.  To reinvent more techniques in diversifying their performances as they tried to focus in achieving and meeting the expectations, well-defined future action plans and their complacency. People having competency are very well-disciplined, well-respected and well-educated.  This is so because of positive vibes they have. 

In summary, to compare competence vs. competency is that:  Competence is acquired by an individual from the outside force/factor while Competency is a God-given gifts of skills, talents, and knowledge.  But both are enhanced for better performance and quality output.